Rerun: Hermeneutics & Christianity 101

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A hermeneutic is a tool for interpreting the Bible that students use to better understand the Scriptures. Proper hermeneutics are invaluable. "Of all Bob Enyart's materials, the Hermeneutics Seminar is the best!" says Brian of Thornton, Colorado. Filmed at Denver's famous Brown Palace Hotel, Bob presents the most important hermeneutics, discusses their misuse, and gives examples of how to use them properly. This fascinating Bible study is available in a 6-DVD set, on MP3-CD or MP3 download. You can click to order online or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) and either way you'll also get the extensive seminar handout and the slides that Bob presented to help folks remember each of the hermeneutics and how to use them.

At Bob Enyart's Hermeneutics Seminar the group studied not only the following list of hermeneutics but also the importance of the order in which they are presented and prioritized while interpreting Scripture. Here they are:

God: existence, eternity, and entity (i.e., the Godhead)
His Story: the plot, or storyline, of the Bible (grasping the Bible's overview is the key to its details)
His Nature: living, personal, relational, good, and loving (includes J.O.N.A.H. & N.O.A.H.)
[At this point, a fascinating "plot twist" of sorts occurs in the ordering of these hermeneutics. And then to continue:]
Christological: Christ-centered, the text is His Word (the work of the righteous, and hatred of the wicked)
Context prioritized: God's Existence; Nature; Story; the dispensation; book; chapter; paragraph; sentence
Literalness: Scripture presents a literal message, and contains figures of speech, symbols, parables, and poetry
Historical/Grammatical: method emphasizes original languages, cultural and historical setting
Covenantal vs. Dispensational Principle: Paul instructs students to "rightly divide the Word" 2 Tim 2:15
Prophetic: Speaking God's Word; also, predictive prophecy; and non-prophecy (predictive only in hindsight)
Sufficiency Principle: Scripture presents ample revelation on everything vital to our spirituality (accountability)
Spiritually Discerned: God gave His Word to the world to lead men to Christ, but much is written to His own
Typology: people, events, objects, rituals, etc. serve as symbols of Christ, salvation, heaven, etc.
Inerrancy: Not translators and scribes but the original autographs (like DNA) were breathed by the Holy Spirit
Numerology: numbers at times are symbolic: 3 for God, 6 for man, 12 for Israel, 40 for judgment, etc.
First-Mention: knowledge of good and evil leads to death; seed of the woman; justification by faith
Hebrew Parallelisms: poetry; couplets; alternation; inversions; story symmetry

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This fascinating Bible study is available in a 6-DVD set, on MP3-CD or MP3 download. You can click to order online or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278).





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