Matt Barber: Homosexuality is Perverse

Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber* Liberty University's Barber Helps Assess Christian Complicity: Bob Enyart interviews long-time friend of BEL, an associate dean at Liberty University's law school, Matt Barber, about the Supreme Court's consideration this week of homosexual marriage. The two also discuss the child abuse commited by the Colorado parents of first grader Coy Mathis whom they are raising, criminally, as a girl. This current travesty reminds us of little Bruce Reimer who eventually grew up and commited suicide after he was raised as a girl at the urging of Canadian physchologist John Money, who, being evil and an idiot, convinced Bruce's grotesquely ignornant parents to lie to their boy and tell him that he was a girl. The lie, which made his life miserable, came crashing down when he reached puberty, none of which, however, stopped the pervert Dr. Money from becoming a world authority on sex change.

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* Arguments for Homosexuals Fail: There are no arguments for homosexuality which would not, if valid, also justify many other gruesome perversions and crimes. They're born that way; they don't really want to do it; it's legal; etc. Check out Bob's stunning debate and show summary when he interviewed the Queen of Denial Wayne Besen.

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* See Also Bob Enyart's Article, Answered NO, Titled: Should Homosexuals Adopt?

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Errata: We have deleted an error from late in today's show which was broadcast in the original airing of this program. Bob Enyart refered to a previous interview with Bob Peters, of Morality in Media, titled Some Morality in Media, but Enyart incorrectly attributed that interview to Bob Knight. Matt Barber knew that Bob was incorrect, and for this mix up, Bob apologizes to Matt and to Bob Knight. In that 2002 interview, Bob Peters, the Morality in Media president, ironically and tragically, defended the decriminalization of pornography.

* Flashback to 2011 -- Barber Warns about Pedophile Movement: See also our interview with Barber ( about the Baltimore psychiatric conference he attended with Dr. Judith Reisman. Well-known academics including from John Hopkins urged the American Psychiatric Association to remove pedophilia from among its list of disorders, and the conference attendees generally advocated removing the stigma from pedophiles. Matt also pointed out that the APA is already on the road toward normalizing those who lust after children since changing the pedophilia entry in their current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to indicate that a person who molests children is only considered a pedophile if he is distressed by his own actions.