An Eternal Investment Opportunity

* Personhood Dynasty: Bob and his guest host Doug McBurney cover the story of a redneck millionaire preacher who finds himself suddenly on the national stage, and decides to stand up and speak the truth about the “legal” killing of innocent people in America. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson says that a baby in the womb has a right to life, and that fact is not up for debate!

* Bob Selling Out? Bob announces that he is seeking an investor to buy a share of the copyright of his book, the “The Plot” to better fund future ministry and the radio program.

Daniel 7-DVD Video Set

Today's ResourceMeet Daniel and his associates through this great BEL Bible study. You'll enjoy understanding this part of ancient Israel's history. Beginning almost exactly 600 years before Christ, the extraordinary events in Daniel's life brings the past and the future into focus, from the political affairs of ancient kingdoms to the first and second comings of the Messiah! And for our own age, Daniel shows how we should live boldly for the Lord both in our personal lives and as influencing government.
Enjoy this verse by verse study of the Book of Daniel available in this 7-DVD Video Set or in audio on MP3-CD or MP3 download.