Personhood, Politics, Polls & the Pope

* The Niedzielski Axiom: Hear the inspirational testimony (from the recent Colorado abortion ban debate at the capitol in Denver) as Matt Niedzielski of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life addresses the Demonocratic Colorado legislators, making an ironclad case for the rejection of legalized child killing, establishing the fact that justice will not exist until it is stopped, and stating matter-of-factly, that those who advocate for it are unqualified to serve in government and mentally ill.

* Bringing the House: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney assess three fronts of the battle to re-establish the Personhood of unborn children, in Iowa and North Dakota, reporting that all it will take to spark the confrontation we’ve all been pushing for is for the North Dakota House to pass the Personhood bill before them!

* Today's Massacre: Wilmington North Carolina is the latest site for a massacre, as a killer murdered his wife and another woman, and shot three other people before being killed by police. Find out why the media yawned.

* The Tim Tebow Bill: The Virginia legislature is considering a bill that would give home school kids the ability to sign up for government school sports programs. Hear an important word of wisdom from Pastor Bob to home-school parents.

* Boy, Scouts…: Bob discusses the latest trial balloon sent up by the Boy Scouts of America regarding allowing perverts to go on camping trips with their kids. Find out what’s going on inside an institution that is lurching ever closer to the rim of Hell, and what Bob plans to do if they let the homos in!