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* Dennis Prager is a Jerk: Today's guest, Jo Scott, tells Denver cab drivers that they should NOT drive women to Planned Parenthood where they will kill their children. So, a Denver cab driver called into Prager's Salem Radio Network talk show, and told the host, "I will not drive a fare to Planned Parenthood to have an abortion!" Prager replied to that heroic, sacrificial, pro-life commitment by criticizing the driver, and telling him he should be fired. Jo Scott pointed out Prager's duplicity, because we know he would commend the worker who refused to bring a Jew to a concentration camp, yet he takes the side of good customer service over the last hope for the life of an innocent child scheduled to die. Hypocrite.

* See Also: BEL's Case Against Dennis Prager at

* The Homosexual Onslaught of Ads: in Colorado Springs shows a cute dog, Norman, that moos instead of barks, to argue that homosexuality is not bad, just different. To counteract their $3 million dollar campaign, Jo Scott has a "truth truck" driving around the city with signs stating that homosexuality is wrong, and promoting her response website,!

* St. John's Charles Berberich is a Pervert: A Denver Episcopalian, Charles Berberich, testifying in a Denver court house last week, defended as "artwork" books that show naked photos of pre-pubescent boys and girls!

Today's Resource: Enjoy Bob's full-length novel The First Five Days about the rebirth of America and what a biblical government would do in its first five days if it had complete governmental authority! In the year 1999, an angry liberal called into a New York City radio station to condemn Bob's ShadowGov website, yet she described The First Five Days as "well written," as attested to by readers just this past week!