A Little Lesson from the ACLJ


  • Listen to these behind-the-scenes recordings of producers trying to set up an interview with any of Jay Sekulow's ACLJ lawyers about what to do when the legal process conflicts with right and wrong. Hear the revealing statement that Jay's lawyers are "unqualified" to discuss that topic, though even the least Christian should know that you never compromise on right and wrong, not for any tradition whether pharisaic, legal, or otherwise.

Update: Remember that Jay Sekulow previously served in the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS where he was responsible for suing U.S. citizens on behalf of the IRS.

Update 2: Select BEL Jay Sekulow radio programs:
- Sekulow Rejects (Enyart's) Alito Report, Jan. 2006
- Jay Sekulow and Will from Denver, Feb. 2006
- A small BEL victory: Sekulow fundraiser omits mention of PBA ban, Aug. 2007

  • BEL producer Ray Greybar confirms the authenticity of the calls and voice messages.
  • David from Ames IA attempts to defend the validity of precedence but runs out of steam when Bob points out the fatal flaw of legal precedent: the law goes through constant modification and expansion, and becomes increasingly complex and inscrutable when every higher court opinion effectively becomes a new law. Thus the non-biblical, humanist concept of binding precedence makes the legal system an impossible maze for judges, lawyers, and bewildered citizens.
  • America's poor have a better standard of living than the poor in Europe, where ice is only just coming back into style after being mostly absent there since the end of the ice age!
  • Anita from Woolstock IA (home of George Reeves, the first TV superman) learns about the brighter side of wastefulness! How much energy, additional stress, time, and effort would it take for us to become 100 percent efficient and waste nothing? Answer: too much! To quote Bob Enyart: "Want not, waste some!"