An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob on God's Rights


  • Archaeologist Steven Baird: of EvolutionOnTrial, talks to Bob about the debunked claim that mankind evolved from Lucy. 2016 Update: Here at see our listing of Lucy's features that falsify the claim that she was anything more than a knuckle-walking, tree-climbing ape. (See died, no less, from falling out of a tree. Sheesh!)

  • Atheist Fool from TOL: A fascinating call from an atheist at TheologyOnline (who for many years has gone by the name Fool) pre-empted the second half of our planned program. Fool tried to show that the Bible is internally inconsistent because God forbids murder, and yet He commanded the Israelites to kill innocent children. Bob invited Fool to continue the discussion on Thursday's show. They have identified two different questions.
    Q1: Does God have the right to transport His creatures from their earthly life to the afterlife?
    Q2: Does God have the right to delegate such authority to men?
    So far, Fool admits to equivocating in responding to Q1 and Bob will not allow the discussion to proceed to Q2 until Q1 is resolved. So the two talked about whether God could be righteous and yet bring people of varying ages into the afterlife, some to eternity in heaven and others to hell. Bob and Fool continue the discussion here and here.

  • TOL's Webmaster Knight: Knight clarifies that he did NOT say that "God has free reign to do whatever and call it righteous." From the time of Socrates till today, by atheists and various skeptics, this slanderous notion is thrown at theists and at God Himself. Bob Enyart carefully addresses this on TOL in a popular post titled: A Christian Answer to the Euthyphro Dilemma. (Popular? Just Google: Christian reply to Euthyphro, or some similar search phrase, and usually Google ranks Bob's article on TOL as #1 out of tens of thousands of pages.) 
  • On Atheism Generally: See our landing page