Talking Points re Abortion for Rape and Incest

Abortion for Incest Talking Points:
The abortion clinic helps to cover up the crime.
The abortion clinic typically sends the victim back home to her rapist.
The abortion clinic often sends her home with the relative who raped her.
Abortion for incest emboldens a criminal to rape his young relative.
Abortion for incest helps the rapist escape being caught.
Abortion for incest tempts the rapist to repeat his crime.
Incest abortion is not compassionate, but increases a woman's suffering.
Intentionally killing a child is always wrong, even if her father is a criminal.
Loving the woman and the child is right, including by adoption!

Abortion for Rape Talking Points: See Incest Talking Points above. Also:
Liberals compassionately care for the rapist, but kill the baby.
We should kill the rapist, and love the baby.
Abortion helps the rapist, by being an alternative to severe deterrence.
Abortion helps the rapist, by having us "deal with" rape rather than prevent it.
Rapists advocate abortion for rape, especially when done quietly.
Abortion doesn't punish the rapist.
We should never kill a child because his father is a criminal.
Abortion makes the would-be date rapist even more reckless.
Abortion emboldens the sick minds of all would-be rapists.
Abortion for rape does not undo the crime.
Abortion for rape further victimizes the woman making a second casualty.

Abortion for the Life of the Mother Talking Points:
The goal is not to kill the child, but to save mom and if possible the baby.
Abortion is always wrong, without exception, and should be abolished.

Plan B Manufacturer Admits: on their own website, that their "Morning After Pill" will kill a living embryo: "Plan B is believed to act as an emergency contraceptive principally by preventing ovulation or fertilization... In addition, it may inhibit implantation..." By blocking implantation, the living human being is killed by an induced miscarriage.

South Dakota Pro-lifers Are Making A Huge Mistake: by advocating Plan B as "medical care" for victims of rape and incest. Rather than sinking to the level of the abortion industry, should use the talking points above, and turn the tables on Planned Parenthood when they claim that we pro-lifers don't care about victims of rape and incest.