Attention, Shoplifters (& Liberals)

* 6 Million Surveillance Cameras: can't be wrong! Retail outlets can't trust their customers, and now video systems can notify guards of suspected shoplifters! People are not basically good, but basically b-a-d.

* Google News: will offer archived news reports back to 300 years ago! This kind of ready access to information is great news for those who promote a worldview based in reality!

* Russ from Anchorage: ranks Bob as the number one best talk show host in the country, with Jo Scott ranked a close second! Also, criticizes President Bush for using the liberal line, "We're addicted to oil." As Colorado's KOA talk show host Mike Rosen said today, "We use oil, we're not addicted to it, just like we're not addicted to water or indoor plumbing."

* Kevin C from Mexico: emailed Bob thanking him for the shows educational value, and asking for some tough advice.

People waiting in a queue
* Canada's National Healthcare:
becomes their national queue!

Today's Resource: Get our Judge Rightly is NOT SOME GUY'S NAME t-shirt!