Shout Allah to Deplane

* Madonna's Confession: not especially popular on NBC, being out-rated by virtually unknown programs (that Bob had never heard of) like Jericho?, and Show Me the Money?
* Imams Shout Allah: and get kicked off plane. If Islam were tolerant, there's probably be more than zero churches in the entire country of Saudi Arabia.
* Tom from Texas: misses the good old days before global warming when acid rain was supposed to peel the paint off his car.
* Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide: Quick, before it destroys the planet, let's stop emitting DHMO!
* Analyzing a Denver Radio Pastor: who sadly teaches tithing and comprehensive predestination, results in this belief: God decrees how much a Christian family of four will tithe, and if they give 2.5% (a fourth of what they allegedly should give), than God will send three of their kids to hell. At this point, such a teacher will remind us that, "God's ways are higher than our ways," to which we should all reply, "Yes, but they are not lower than our ways."
Today's Resources: You may enjoy listening to Bob's very informative Predestination and Free Will Bible seminar, and you sure will learn A LOT (or your money back)!