Driver Kenny Wallace on BEL about NASCAR's America

NASCAR: Kenny Wallace driving for the National Day of Prayer* NASCAR Driver: Driving for the National Day of Prayer, Kenny Wallace talks to Bob Enyart about God and country and why the competitive spirit of NASCAR attracts fans by the millions! Update: Wallace, also a reporter for Fox NASCAR, retired in 2015 after driving in the national series since 1988 in a NASCAR career spanning twenty-five years earning nine wins, all in the Xfinity Series.

* ACLU Nativity Scene: looks so funny and scores one for the conservative students at the University of Texas!

* DNC Site Selection Committee: is deciding between Denver and NYC for their national convention, and they should remember that Denver is the world headquarters of the Clinton Rapist Protests! (See presser below.)

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Dear FOB (Friends of Bob),
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For Immediate Release:

DNC Site Selection Should Consider:
Denver is HQ of Clinton Rapist Protests

August 2008 Update: Either Google "world's largest protest sign" or just click on over to to see that Bob and friends kept their promise to the DNC!

Before deciding between NYC and Denver as the site for the next Democratic National Convention, the Democratic National Committee should recall that Denver is the headquarters of the Clinton Rapist Protests sponsored by  Bill Clinton's rape of campaign supporter Juanita Broaddrick, "was an event that in fact took place" according to a Wall Street Journal piece, Feb. 19, 1999. has led Clinton Rapist protests in 144 cities and confronted the president from Auckland New Zealand, to Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts.

On Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT, Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart conducted the only recorded media interview with Norma Kelsay, the nurse who found Juanita, bruised and sobbing with lips swollen twice their size, shortly after she was raped.  That worldwide exclusive interview is available at at the Clinton Rapist tab.  (Also find there articles and transcripts from Dateline NBC, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal which stated, "To hear the details of her story and the statements of the corroborating witnesses, was to understand that this [rape] was an event that in fact took place.")

Bill Clinton's executive privilege allowed him to sexually harass and assault women.  And the vast majority of the nation's media refused to seriously report on or consider the compelling evidence that surfaced through FBI interviews of Clinton's rape of Broaddrick.  The former president has paid for sex with taxpayer money by arranging for government jobs to be given to women as reward for providing Bill Clinton with sex and to keep them quiet.  For example, Gennifer Flowers was hired by the State of Arkansas in payment for her sexual affair with Bill Clinton, which to add insult to taxpayer injury also displaced a female black applicant who was actually qualified for the position.  And U.N. ambassador Bill Richardson offered intern Monica Lewinsky a position at the United Nations, not based upon her qualifications but as tax-payer funded hush money.  Lewinsky was even offered a job at the Pentagon.  Hillary Clinton's role in this demeaning treatment of women has terribly set back the cause of women.  Liberals caused a national uproar over allegations that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas told dirty jokes to Anita Hill, yet in hypocrisy, as a community they refuse to give Juanita Broaddrick the dignity of a full consideration of her far more serious and corroborated allegation. has marched 100 people in one of Denver's St. Patty's Day Parades with Clinton Rapist signs. And our week-long Clinton Rapist protests in Little Rock, Arkansas turned the demeanor of the Clinton Library opening from one of celebration to mourning and frustration. Thus invites the DNC to meet in the world headquarters of the Clinton Rapist protests!

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