Fun with Gas & Dust: How to Make a DNA Nebula

This is a special edition of Real Science Radio.

Double-helix nebula* Double-Helix Nebula in Space: UCLA astronomers using the Spitzer Space Telescope report they have found a nebula twisted like the double-helix of DNA, which "indicates a high degree of order."

* Light-Speed Geological Changes: Scientists report in the Journal of Geophysical Research rapid geological changes in Africa in only months (instead of evolutionary ages) including hundreds of crevices forming and the desert floor dropping hundreds of feet.

* Guest Carl Kerby, Founding Board Member of Answers in Genesis: Carl updates Bob on AiG's $25 million Creation Museum. And the two laugh over Denver's Museum using the tired old Peppered Moth example of evolution. And Carl highly recommends our tour guide, Costas Tsevas, who will lead the Bob Enyart Live Bible Tour of Greece in May (come along if you can!). UPDATE: Get the Bible Tour of Greece DVD narrated by Bob Enyart and Josh Craddock!

* Russ from Alaska: Six-year-old nephew understands the conceptual difference between evolution of a species, and a relative change in dark and light moths in a population. Asks Bob about impacts with the Earth, and how is it that these meteorites are the result of Noah's Flood?