Real Science Radio: Challenge of Folding Proteins

* Folding Proteins: Bob Enyart and Creation Research Society webmaster Fred Williams (of discuss the current issue of CRSQ, a technical creation/evolution journal. Proteins are nothing, compared to the wildly complicated process of folding them! An evolutionist in New Scientist admits that the supposed "age of the Universe is short compared with the time it would take even a small protein to sample the many billion possible folds en route to the right one." That's tough for atheists.

* Darwin's Head-On Collision: Atheists, etc., say that evolution happens so slowly we can't see it, but it has to operate fast enough for humans to evolve from apes in only six million years! And with the millions of genetic differences between the two, that would require mutations propagating throughout the entire genome, unlike what simple math permits and Darwin predicts, at blazing fast speed.

* UPDATE FIVE YEARS LATER: Speaking of folding proteins, the following animation depicts visually the folding of a protein (along with a small glimpse into other enormously complex cell functions). This was mentioned on RSR during our interview of Dr. Jonathan Witt, co-author with William Dembski of Intelligent Design Uncensored. As in this narrated animation of a few microbiological functions, such videos are helping the general public become aware of the intensive cooperation of the thousands of complex machines within each cell:


* Animated Inner Life of the Cell: See below an extraordinary window into a tiny corner of God's creation (or see it in HD at The Inner Life of a Cell website about the video made for Harvard biology students. (And it's also GREAT for six-year-old home-schoolers and those who glory in God's creativity!)

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