1980s Mt St Helens Flow: Dated Millions of Years Old

  • Implanted electrodes in a paralyzed man's brain enables him to control a mouse and open email by thinking about it! Mankind is at the dawn of major neurotechnology for handicapped people! Unlike an increasing number of liberals, right-wing Christians always oppose killing the handicapped.

  • Atheists, etc., believe that radiometric dating is one of the best arguments to show the Earth is millions of years old. Well, radiometric dating of the lava dome at Mount St. Helens by Geochron Laboratories of Cambridge, Mass., dates 10-year-old rock as somewhere between 340,000 and 2.8 million years old. With the KNOWN age of this rock, potassium-argon radiometric dating, which is supposed to indicate when a rock solidified, gets the age 99.99999% wrong! That's REALLY WRONG. See more about the eruption at rsr.org/mt-st-helens.

* Bob's Reply to an Old Earther: You may want to read Bob's short reply below a Mount St. Helens YouTube video to Einschwein, an old-earther who commented saying that he doesn't quite get the point. And, we invite you to comment there also!



  • Bob reads his wife's response to a Focus on the Family questionnaire about whether public schools are really bad in EVERY state, and whether Christian parents should take their kids out of public schools. After reading James Dobson's devastating account of how our public schools are destroying kids, Cheryl Enyart wrote, "Dr. Dobson, We love you and your ministry. When will you finally implore parents to just rescue their children from public schools? Why can't you just say it?"
  • Washington DC declares a crime emergency after 13 murders (in the first 12 days this month). ... (Wait, this just in, now it's 14 murders in 12 days.) And Operation Save America (OSA) reports that the small city of Jackson Mississippi declares a state of emergency (and they've seen the second homicide since this declaration last Friday). Bob Enyart is traveling to Jackson on Sunday to join Flip Benham, director of OSA, in an attempt to close down the last abortion clinic in Mississippi!
  • BEL Office Manager Al Sharin (aka Pops, Bob's step-dad), had a heart attack a few weeks back. He's now doing wonderfully, after the docs inserted three stents! When Pops read the hospital invoice for his 48-hour stay, we were surprised the $68,205.87 total didn't give him another coronary! Medical costs are so high precisely because the government pays so much of them! Let's get the government out of the loop to lower costs!