Hawking to Earthlings: Warp Drive Needed

 * Africans Getting Fat: gradually, the rest of the world encounters the kinds of prosperity problems (cheap food, desserts, etc.) Americans have long faced.
 * Insignificant Hawking: Doomsday prophet and the world's best-known atheist scientist Stephen Hawking claims the entire human race is insignificant (Google 7 of 27,000 for: "Stephen Hawking" insignificant). Yet, Hawking obsesses on saving this insignificant existence of mankind by calling for warp drive spaceships for man to avoid earth-bound annihilation. Once again, atheism leads to intellectual insignificance.
 * Ted from Indianapolis: has a Christian co-worker who has accidentally acknowledged the error in her false belief that Christians should automatically forgive everyone. Unwittingly taking a G-I-A-N-T step toward the truth, she has admitted that Jesus did NOT teach that we should forgive automatically, but that we should rebuke another believer who sins against us, and "if he repents, forgive him" (Luke 17:3)! Of course, we should love our unbelieving neighbor no less!
 Today's Resources: You can listen to Nicer than God, a fast-paced critique of today's Christian teaching on the issues of judging, forgiveness, confrontation, etc. in audiotape or MP3-CD format.