Skeleton Poster Girl for Government Care

  • The 40-year old London woman found as a virtual skeleton in her apartment three years after her death is a poster girl for government care. To the extent that the government cares for people in need, to that extent family, friends, churches and neighbors will not!

  • Come to the Denver Bible Church Resurrection Day sunrise service this week, or at least, enjoy to the Easter and Palm Sunday (If Christ Had Not Risen) sermons!

  • Public school bus driver criminally charged for tying up an unruly 7-year-old. What's a liberal to do? Kids are miserably unhappy because the anti-spanking jihad has left parents unable to enforce boundaries.

  • New Orleans officials expected the government to impose a conservative building code for homes to be elevated 10 feet above the ground, which would make rebuilding many neighborhoods cost-prohibitive, which would be politically taboo. But the Bush administration, whether by wisdom or politics we cannot know, has decided to allow federal funds even for a lenient standard of homes elevated only three feet.

  • Katrina evacuee's living in a government trailer barely survived when it burst into flames, escaping through a hole blown in the trailer. When governments to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, they do n-o-t-h-i-n-g well.

  • The prurient National Geographic Society, after robbing indigenous peoples around the world of their antiquities, is now willing to spend a small fortune on the fraudulent Gospel of Judas because they lust after the thought of undermining Christianity.