Not: "A Real Lawyer," but "A Real Liar"

* Yankee Pitcher Flies Plane into NYC High Rise: Cory Lidle crashed his plane into a condominium tower, and he was "not instrument rated to fly the plane and could only fly when visibility was good. It was an overcast day in Manhattan."

* Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants to Arm Teachers: Israel and Thailand arm teachers to protect students against Muslim terrorists, and guns generally make for a safer society, but Jo Scott said, "with the current batch of teachers, and with the godless public school system, we might end up with teachers molesting students at gun point."

* Not a Real Liaryer: Tennessee Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford claimed to be a lawyer, and his campaign later admitted that Ford failed the bar exam. He may not be a real lawyer, but he might have played one on TV, or, perhaps he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, or, perhaps he's just naturally a good liaryer!

* Anti-Christian Moves from Soros & eBay: George Soros filed a request with the Secret Service for information about the visits of Christians to the White House. And now that eBay has stopped the sale of home-school teachers text books (along with public school teachers curriculum), HSLDA (the Home School Legal Defense Association) has set up an auction service for home school supplies!

* Ken Scott's Verdict: a Denver judge ruled against pro-life activists Ken Scott and Cliff Powell, saying that not only didn't he believe them, but he also rejected the testimony of the police officers who were at their protest of pro-abortion St. John's Episcopal Church, arguing that, because police officers are so friendly with Ken since they've been around him during so many protests, the judge could not rely upon the opinion or the judgment of the police officers! And hence, the grounds for appeal: I ruled that these protesters were disturbing the peace by rejecting the attending police officer's statements because they have grown to like the protesters and therefore could not objectively notice the obvious disturbance. Yeah, right.

Today's Resource: Enjoy Bob's classic video, The Trouble with Lawyers on VHS or DVD, including the law students who call in to defend their position, who get caught lying on national TV, helping to prove Bob's point!