An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob: IV (Final Episode)

  • Born-again, conservative, married, churchgoers poll among the happiest people and significantly lift the percent of Americans who are happy!

  • Biff from Denver CO will urge the elders of his church to not trust the word of the lying couple who admit to living together but deny fornicating (and he will withhold his ultimatum)!

  • Tim from Longmont CO asks Bob to explain the KGOV Immigration Solution.

  • Suzy from Ft. Collins CO vents regarding illegal immigrants, and Bob tries to moderate her anger and steer it away from envy and toward a proper solution.

  • Debating an Atheist: Fool (from TOL) has hit a dead end. He proposed that the God of the Bible is unjust, so Bob constructed a step-by-step analysis of his argument, to find out where Fool's thinking departs from biblical justice. For example, Fool might argue that God is unjust for killing the wicked and punishing them in hell. But he short-circuited his ability to get to that argument, when Fool revealed that he would even condemn God if He blessed the righteous by bringing a believer to paradise in heaven, sometime prior to his natural death. So, of course Fool will condemn God for bringing a child to heaven or for punishing the wicked, if in fact he also condemns God for blessing the righteous! With this kind of hatred for his Creator, Fool shows us why the Bible does not refer to unbelievers as The Confused or The Mistaken, but... The Wicked. Fool is welcome to call back if he can find a way around this dead end, or to address another topic.