Marital Strife and A Girly Bishop

Peter Sterling, a.k.a. Jukia from TOL, disapproves of Bob's desire to keep children's entertainment free of profanity, sexual jokes and vulgarity, such as that in Disney's Cars.

IBM has again broken the world speed record for computers, by freezing the chips to minus 451 degrees Fahrenheit! Look for even faster computers in 2008!

Colorado State Rep. Kevin Lundberg explains his effort to prohibit homosexual marriage and domestic partnerships. Because of how destructive homosexuality is, such an effort equates to loving your neighbor! Please donate to Protecting Colorado Children, or help them by getting signatures on a petition or just getting the word out!

The U.S. Episcopal Church voted for a new leader, Bishop Katharine, who promotes homosexuality as a gift from God. Bob wonders how she would describe pedophilia, incest, bestiality, etc.

Bob warns that the Church has been infected with the humanist concepts of voting, democracy and representative republics.