It's The Pastor: Haggard's the One Who Must Go

 * Ted Haggard Admits "Some" Guilt: Haggard admits that he received a massage, and purchased crystal methamphetamine from Mike Jones, his homosexual prostitute accuser. Like Bill Clinton who denied ever actually inhaling marijuana or actually commiting adultery, Haggard claims he never took the drugs. However, the messages he left for the homosexual prostitute belie a standing relationship of familiarity and trust. So Haggard not only sinned against Jones previously, he continues to do so, now, by calling him a liar.

Post-show Update: Time magazine quotes Haggard's startling comments in the movie, Jesus Camp, speaking about homosexuality and then looking "mockingly into the camera to say, 'I think I know what you did last night. If you send me a thousand dollars, I won't tell your wife.' The crowd responds with peals of laughter. Then he says with a wide smile, 'If you use any of this, I'll sue you.'"

 * The BEL General Manager: Will predicted yesterday that if Haggard is guilty, he will only admit to the drugs, and not to the homosexual behavior. And Bob Enyart added that if so, the Nat'l Association of Evangelicals will be finished with him, but his church would probably slap him on the wrist and he'd be back in the pulpit in six months. So far, Will's prediction has come true. We'll wait to judge Bob's.

Post-show Update: Dusty Saunders in the Rocky Mountain News, Nov. 4, 2006 wrote, "Bob Enyart... on KLTT... called the allegations 'devastating,' pointing to a survey showing that many Christians and New Life Church members believed that at least part of the charges against Haggard were accurate. He predicted that church officials would try to 'sweep the controversy under the rug.'" Responding a few weeks later, "I was completely wrong about New Life," admits Bob Enyart. "Soon after this, I acknowledged on air that the leadership of the New Life Church and the leaders among the wider Christian community handled this tragic situation admirably. I apologize for predicting otherwise."

 * Peter Boyles as Nathan: KHOW talk show host Peter Boyles hurts his "gay" neighbors, and rebels against God, by praising homosexuals. But still, regarding these accusations, Boyles played the role of Nathan the prophet to Haggard's adulterous King David.

Post-show Update: Even the Arabic media is reporting on this "Christian" hypocrisy, including the Islamic Aljazeera network. As Nathan told David, "by this deed you have given great opportunity to the enemies of the LORD..."

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