Posh Clinton Fundraiser Turned Into a Junaita Rape Protest

* Clinton Says Enyart's Group Represents 1/10th of 1%Clinton Rapist protests were going well in Denver today, giving opportunity for some witnessing and great discussions. However, some democrats, when asked, "What if you knew it were true, that Clinton committed rape?" repeated a rather common liberal refrain, ""I don't care." Post Show Note: This evening, Clinton spoke at a private fundraiser in the backyard of a corner house in a posh Denver neighborhood. About thirty feet away, Friends of BEL loudly chanted "Clinton Raped Juanita," about 500 times, during which Clinton said, "Those people yelling represent only one-tenth of one percent of the population," to which Bob Enyart loudly retorted, "And Juanita was only one of 250 million, but you raped her." (Update: With Bob Enyart's Clinton event in New Zealand, the Clinton Raped Juanita protest effort reached 145 cities, from Martha's Vineyard to Auckland.)

* Great Calls Are Worth Enduring Some Bad Calls:
- Nathaniel from Denver: Bob challenges his "God gave me..." claim.
- Dan from Denver: Bob challenges his Christian superstitious interpretation of current events.
- Jamie Johnson, general manager of Iowa's KFFF radio, rebukes Dan for his superstitious views.
- David from Boone Iowa questions Bob about whether God is good by happenstance of His existence, or whether God chooses to be good!

* All Czar Cow E-raids: Many Zarqawi followers follow him into death. In the week after we killed Zarqawi, 452 raids, one-third conducted by Iraqis, killed 104 insurgents and saw 759 arrested.