Voice of the Martyrs re: Muslim Persecutors


  • Richard Wurmbrand: Bob recounts a day spent with Richard Wurmbrand, author of Tortured for Christ, about Pastor Wurmbrand's 14 years in a communist prison in Romania, including three years in solitary confinement. Richard and his wife Sabina were guests in our BEL studio back in 1991 and Bob had the privilege of spending that day with Richard and his wife.
  • David Witt with Voice of the Martyrs: Mission Representative with VOM, David talks with Bob about the persecution of Islam and they dispel common lies such as Islam being a religion of tolerance. For example, Islam does not permit a single Christian church to stand anywhere in Mecca, or in the entire country of Saudi Arabia for that matter.
  • Andrea Yates Pronounced Guilty: at least on Bob Enyart Live.
  • Saddam Afraid of Hanging: Good. And it's a good thing he won't be executed here in America, or we'd probably end up softening him to death in a tub of Oil of Olay.
  • Convicted Child Molester at Church: Question from Oklahoma: What do you do with a convicted child molester who wants to attend church? Answer from Denver: If you take seriously the trust God put in you to protect children, then don't let him attend. Instead...