South Dakota to Vote to Outlaw ALL Abortions!

Warning Warning: Please DO NOT LISTEN to this show without also hearing the following program, titled: Talking Points re Abortion for Rape and Incest. In not so many words, Dr. Allen Unruh indefensibly advocated the use of the Plan B Morning After Pill, which caught Bob off guard. Also, see the written summary of Tuesday's program.

Dr. Allen Unruh: (pronounced un-rue) and are leading the campaign in South Dakota to outlaw all abortions! Planned Parenthood is spending millions to win the approaching November vote, and the doc needs your help to defeat them! BEL is helping the effort behind the scenes, and urges you to donate online or by calling 605 271-3975!

Connie from Arvada: told of the illegal aliens who went to Denver's Planned Parenthood to get an abortion and were talked out of killing their child by Connie, Jo Scott, and others from Denver Bible Church!