Three of This Past Week's School Shootings

* Montreal: A week ago today, at Dawson College, a murderer who enjoyed the online Columbine game and who dressed in a black trench coat like the Klebold and Harris murderers, killed one woman and wounded 20 students, before committing suicide.

* Green Bay: Six days ago, police foiled a Columbine-style plan to bomb and shoot students at a high school, three have been arrested.

* Pittsburgh: Two days ago, a suspended student brought a group of armed teenagers into the Duquesne student union where one of them, an 18-year old, shot five basketball players after a dance. Three remain hospitalized.

* Dad Calls Columbine Gamer a Liar: Danny LeDonne says he created the online Columbine game as a way of dealing with the Columbine shootings. Brian Rohrbough, father of murdered son Danny, said LeDonne is a liar, and that he didn't create the game for what would be some kind of perverse therapy, but that LeDonne trivialized Danny's murder and glorified the killers.

* David from Boone IA: gets a challenge from Brian to arrange to call into the program to answer some direct questions about his belief that God has conceived and orchestrates every evil, filthy and perverse action, including rape and production of child pornography.

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