Rerun: Three Mountains

Colorado's major snowstorm closed the BEL Cabin for a couple days, so please enjoy this popular show:
 * Newsweek's New Ice Age: the magazine reminded us again of their 1975 warning about global cooling!
 * Defendant Rumsfeld: A former U.S. Brigadier General will testify against former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld in support of Germany's charges of war crimes against him regarding the Howard Stern front on the war on terror, i.e., the Abu Ghraib sexual assault of prisoners.
 * Joe from Atlanta GA: gets Bob going on three mountains: Sinai, St. Helens, and Moriah!
 * Dave from Coldwater KS: Explains that pastor Ted Haggard's perversion shouldn't cause Christians to doubt, since Jesus warned us about His own followers. And also, the Bible wasn't written by people trying to make themselves look good, since it shows the intense sinfulness of it's own patriarchs, priests, prophets, kings and apostles. Jesus did not write a single chapter of Scripture, yet the Bible presents Him alone as sinless!
 * Bob Analyzes Tony's Call: Tony from Tampa could not explain why it is wrong to murder anyone because he limited himself to a secular worldview, and if people are just animals, well then, animals eat one another, and if people are just atoms and molecules, there is no inherent right or wrong in matter. Only the existence of God explains why murder, or any other sinful behavior, is actually wrong.
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