Enyart Hangs Stephen Hawking Out to Freeze

A special early episode of Real Science Radio.

Bob interviews a surprise guest, and gets hung up on.

Move On, er... uh, Move Over Al Gore. Atheist astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is the latest liberal End-of-the-World doomsday prophet, suggesting that mankind colonize the Moon or Mars to avoid annihilation from global warming, evidently forgetting that the Moon's daytime temperature is over 200 degrees (107 C) and that neither location has oxygen! The Sun is Earth's source of global warming, and since Mars is 50 million miles further from our Sun, its temperature ranges from 1 degree F down to 178 below zero! So say good-bye to global warming (and oxygen), and say hello to survival of the species (but get that perambulator warmed up).

Mike from Aurora CO points out the hypocrisy of atheist scientists who claim that mankind is insignificant.

John from Denver wonders why Hawking overlooked Antarctica and Greenland as more logical safe havens against global warming.

Thankfully, Indiana prosecutors have charged the driver of a getaway car with murder because police gunned down his partner during a robbery!

When the rules break, the people break. Thus, police accused a woman of locking her grandson in a small plastic dog kennel for eight hours four days a week while she went to work as a Jefferson County Sheriff's Counselor.

Because mothers who murder their children do not face execution, America experiences an epidemic of moms killing their kids, like this Miami woman who murdered her baby girl and wounded her 3-year-old daughter.