KGOV Response Plan for an Islamic Nuclear Attack

  • Be-on-the-Lookout for Eleven Missing Egyptians: The very day after Bob mentions Montana State University, the FBI issues an alert regarding MSU, a "be-on-the-lookout" alert for eleven Egyptians, 20-year-old men who arrived from Egypt in New York, but now have had their visas revoked because they never made it to MSU.

  • Be-on-the-Lookout for Millions & Billions of Missing Years: Seventy million years of missing dehydration from soft T-Rex tissue; four billion years of missing dust on Saturn's rings; and a few million missing years of a past for 10-year-old lava from Mount St. Helens! UPDATE: And see this...

* Bob's Reply to an Old Earther: You may want to read Bob's short reply below a Mount St. Helens YouTube video to Einschwein, an old-earther who commented saying that he doesn't quite get the point. And, we invite you to comment there also!

  • John from Denver: Bob utterly rejects the idea of internment camps for Muslims, but presents the KGOV Response Plan in the event of an Islamic attack with a nuclear bomb.

  • John from Fort Lupton CO: Talks with Bob about the Young Earth response to the question of starlight and time, namely, "If God created in the recent past, why does starlight now arriving at Earth depict supernovas from stars more than 6,000 light years distance?" The answer lies in the Scriptures report repeated eleven times, that in the Creation, God stretched out the heavens.

  • How To Read Statistics 101: Bob shows from a Pew Research Center poll about car ownership that approximately one third of Americans are nuts, and also, how to mature while sitting in traffic!

  • Reuters Pro-Terror Reporters: As if it weren't bad enough that Reuters had to withdraw a thousand suspect news photographs by a Lebanese reporter, but also, an employee sent a terror-like (anti-semitic, throat-slitting) threat from the Reuters corporate network to a pro-Israeli website.

  • Granite from TOL: could find "nothing recognizably human" in a human embryo, so Bob rebuked him in a TOL post, pointing out that Granite is apparently, "unaware of genetics, and the embryo DNA's three billion base pairs, which not only 'resemble' something human, but are exactly and identically human in every 'way, shape [and] form.'" But then, that's just genetics, and you can't expect Granite to see much significance in something so tiny.