Atheist Admits Assumptions About Evil

Atheists claim The Problem of Evil disproves the existence of a good God. They argue that because the world is filled with evil, therefore a good God cannot exist, in part because He would have to prevent much or even all of that evil. Or, at the very least, a good God would have to prevent innocent victims from suffering as a result of actions performed by others. On today's program, first Bob rehashes with atheist Dr. John Henderson another fallacy, that you can only know that which your five senses tell you. Then the discussion turns to The Problem of Evil and this atheist makes some admissions that powerfully refute his own argument.

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* A Special Edition of RSR: It wasn't until the year 2021 when the KGOV staff marked this program as a Real Science Radio program.

* Error correction: In this show, I (Bob Enyart) wrongly exaggerated the similarity between the Dead Sea Scrolls book of Isaiah, and the modern Masoretic Text of the Hebrew Bible. While the ancient Isaiah text is exact to our modern Hebrew Bibles in over 95% of the text, and in less than 5% there are primarily minor spelling and stylistic alterations. I incorrectly stated that, “The Dead Sea Scrolls… book of Isaiah… is identical word for word, letter for letter, with the Hebrew book of Isaiah in Hebrew Bibles today.” This is flatly incorrect. I am thankful for the correction from ThePhy at Making such mistakes do not help the credibility of the program, and I am happy to provide corrections. It has been more than twenty years since I’ve done my reading on the text of the manuscripts issues of the Old and New Testaments, and as my memory faded, I distorted my recollection in favor of my worldview. If I would have heard another talk show host make the same exaggerated claim, I think I would have challenged it, googled the matter, and instantly proved it wrong. So, I apologize for making that error.