Hurricanes Disappoint Global Warming Advocates

* Weak Hurricane Season: Al Gore's global warming movie opens with a claim made by many pop climatologists, that global warming will result in more destructive hurricanes. But this year is the first season since 1997 that only one storm nudged its way into the Gulf of Mexico, and not a single hurricane reached a category 4 or 5.
* Holiday Abortionist Home Visit: Find out why Arapahoe County law prohibits Colorado pro-lifers from carrying signs in residential areas larger than three square feet, and how it is that in reality, we protest with signs hundreds of square feet in size, and others up to 150 feet long!
* BEL Protests at Wal-marts: As part of national calls for Christians to protest and boycott Wal-mart, we went to three stores Friday with "Walmart Dumps Values" signs and flyers. While Black Friday was good to retailers nationally, Wal-mart just announced declines in same-store sales for November from a year earlier.
Today's TWO Resources: 1) Bob's life's work, our bestselling 330-page unpublished manuscript, The Plot which explains that the change in the priesthood requires a change in the law (Heb. 7:12)! 2) Read Bob Enyart's proposed new Constitution of America.