An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob: III

  • Best-Of-Bob March CD contains eight great shows including: debates with an atheist; a Christian who believes that as of today, God CANNOT Increase Tomorrow's Rain; a caller who, like Bob, does not want a theocracy; Dr. Dobson's Personal Response to our Criticism; Pigs in Robes (re: Scalia's filthy comment); Missionary Maria going to a Muslim country; the Abortion Breast Cancer link, and the KGOV immigration solution!

  • Some Colorado schools prohibiting students from wearing patriotic clothing. 1st: Pull your kids out of public school. 2nd: Don't undermine adult authority over children by trying to veto a principal's decision.

  • Another Public School Rapist teacher charged with 21 counts of rape of a 13-year-old student.

  • French workers protesting work.

  • Venezuela's Hugo Chavez stole France's Venezuelan oil operation owned by Paris-based Total SA.

  • Dirk from Denver calls to say that the I.U.D. "birth control" is an abortifacient that kills unborn children.

  • Debate with an Atheist Fool: Episode III, about the age of accountability (it varies) and whether God actually tortures people in hell (He doesn't).