Debating a Conservative Federalist Society Lawyer


  • Bob debates conservative attorney Mark W. Smith arguing this Federalist Society lawyer is moving America further into left-wing humanism. At 7:30 into today's program, Smith says, "Law is not [like] math... it's not objective... Law is in fact mostly politics." Thus he undermines the Christian worldview of absolute legal right and wrong such as Do Not Kidnap, Murder, etc. In Disrobed, p. 102, Smith argues, "The best way to resolve many moral and social issues is on a community-by-community basis rather than by nationwide judicial fiat." Bob succeeded in getting Mark Smith to flatly contradict this claim, even though his book is filled with this kind of democratic sentiment. Enyart explained that moving authority from empowered judges to the people is a move further to the left, not to the right as Smith supposed. Further, many communities want to legalize prostitution, heroin, suicide, euthanasia, killing the unborn, etc., and the criminal code should not change as a man drives down the street.