18-year Veteran of CBS Affiliate Tells of BEL Influence

Dave Kintzele: tells of his years at Denver's CBS affiliate (including Bill O'Reilly's stint there) and the influence of Bob Enyart Live on Dave and a fellow CBS worker!

Profs Rebut Global Warming: Two CSU professors say global warming hype based on bad data, the lure of alarmist government funding, and on ignoring natural climate changes such as the Little Ice Age of the 1400s which saw famines from shortened growing seasons, England's Thames River freeze, and villages in the Swiss Alps crushed by glaciers.

O' Really O'Reilly: Bob and Dave Kintzele expose the liberal factor in Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, who opposes the death penalty; believes in Darwinian evolution; opposes spanking; supports legalized killing of unborn children; promotes homosexual rights including civil unions and two lesbians or two homosexual men adopting children; supports government schools; authored tawdry sex scenes; voyeuristically exposes sexually exploited teenagers; supports the gag rule against churches disenfranchising pastors; prays for the dead; claims Hindus and Buddhists go to heaven; says God may have created homosexuals “that way;” and if a rapist impregnates a woman, O’Reilly supports killing the baby but would protect the rapist. See also another BEL show, O'Really O'Reilly