Dr. Holroyd to the Rescue: Dinosaurs, Coal, and Coins

Update - Holroyd's Role with the World's Largest Protest Sign: For Bob Enyart's project when American Right To Life unfurled on the Rocky Mountains overlooking metro Denver the world's largest protest sign, against Barack Obama and the DNC (see AmericanRTL.org/sign), Dr. Ed Holroyd took over the job of the project's site selection committee and chose the east face of North Table Mountain in Golden.

  • Bob feared that his son Zachary, along with hundreds of Denver area cub and boy scouts, would get an atheistic interpretation of the strata at Colorado's Dinosaur Ridge! In comes Dr. Ed Holroyd to the rescue! Thirty years as a government scientist with a B.S. in astrophysics, a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, and continuing education in geology, Dr. Holroyd will present young-earth evidence showing that the layers at Dinosaur Ridge were NOT laid down over long periods. There is no disturbances between the layers, showing rapid deposition. Also, while coal will separate from sand during slow deposition, the coal is mingled throughout the layers, showing rapid formation.

  • Dr. Holroyd explains that if the entire earth were a solid block of Carbon-14, in only half-a-million years, all that Carbon-14 would be gone, having decayed because of its brief radioactive half life of 5,730-years. However, while fossil fuels are claimed to be millions of years old, Carbon-14 is found everywhere in coal, gas, and oil. C14 has even been found in diamonds that evolutionists believe are over a billion years old! The old-earth community is years behind even recognizing this worldwide phenomena!

  • Unlike the monetary values mentioned in the book of Mormon which, being a fabrication, of course have never been found by archaeologists, Dr. Holroyd has a collection of every single coin mentioned in the Bible!

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