666 and the Anti-Gay

On Sunday, National Public Radio gave another example of Bob's long-time observation that liberals only present male homosexuality as an orientation, whereas they present female homosexuality as a choice. Because the majority is still very disgusted by two men being intimate, the ubiquitous media mantra is that, "They were born that way, it's called sexual orientation," thus, it's not their fault, so you can't blame them. Whereas lesbian perversion is a mainstay of the multi-billion dollar porn industry, that dulling of our collective conscience emboldens the media to be more truthful regarding female homosexuals, such as when NPR for the thousandth time spoke of lesbianism as a "sexual preference."

Understand the colossal failure of Christian political strategy against homosexuality, and learn how we can do better.

Bob begins a discussion of numbers in Scripture that he hopes to conclude soon regarding 666!