Meet Greg from Columbia, A Former Atheist

  • Don't take your kids to see Ice Age: The Meltdown because of the vulgarity. They'd like your children to imitate the profanity in their movie including the three a****, two c****, one d***, and some sexually related dialogue.

  • Call Hawaii Republican Governor Linda Lingle, 808 586-0034, and ask her to veto the "Abortion Tourism" bill, H.B. 1242, or email their tourism department to tell them you love Hawaii but not if they become the most pro-abortion state in the country. (Thank you to HLI's Jason Jones for the game plan!)

  • Jo Scott reports on the downtown Denver mayhem from thousands of pro-illegal immigration protesters waving Mexican flags.

  • Curtis from Denver confirms Jo Scott's report, and adds that a lone protester carried a sign reading: Clinton Raped Juanita! "I knew that!"

  • Michael from Columbia MO thanks Bob for the great Bible teaching which enabled him to lead his atheist co-worker, Greg, to the Lord!

  • Meet Greg, a former atheist who has humbled himself before God and now trusts Jesus Christ for salvation! Thank you Lord!!