"My 6th-Grader Was Harassed Like the Girls in Indiana"

Indiana 6th Graders Assaulted: Four 6th grade girls have sued their Monrovia Junior High School for ignoring complaints that starting with a sex education program, during school hours, a number of boys verbally harassed, exposed themselves, and sexually assaulted the girls. So, how do administrators respond to this, what's the principle? "Boys will be boys," says the principal!

Charlene from Aurora CO: called Bob to say her 6th-grade daughter was similarly sexually assaulted at her public school, and like the girl in Indiana, her daughter is the only one who got in trouble, for instinctively kicking the boy. Charlene agreed to take a call from one of the moms at Denver Bible Church, to brainstorm with her about how to get her daughter out of the godless public school system!