Nikki's Close Call: Six Months Later

  • Birds Preceded Dinosaurs: Prof. Alan Feduccia of the University of North Carolina opposes the evolutionist claim that birds evolved from dinosaurs, pointing out that bird fossils appear deeper in the geologic column than the "bird-like" dinosaurs that they supposedly evolved from. In evolutionary terms, that means birds appeared 25 million fossil years before the dinosaurs they evolved from! (Fossil years are sort of like a million dog years.) That dinosaurs and birds both have three-toes seems sufficient to convince a typical evolutionist of their common descent. However, Feduccia points out that dinosaurs have digits one, two and three (a thumb and fingers two and three), whereas birds have digits two, three and four. So he asks, "How can a bird hand... evolve from a dinosaur hand," when the two have different digits? Moses had the order correct correct in Genesis 1:20-24.

  • Remember Nikki's Close Call? Nicki is due to give birth in two days! Six months after that day in October when Colorado Right to Life and Jo Scott helped Nikki escape from an abortion clinic. According to Nikki and her sister-in-law, abortionist Ronald Kuseski of the Mayfair Women's Center (14446 E Evans Ave Aurora, CO, 80014-1409 303 696-9761), would not allow Nikki to leave the clinic, and she was lied to, threatened, and forced to accept medical treatment she did not want! Now, a former US Attorney is bringing a lawsuit on Nikki's behalf against the abortion clinic!

  • Bonnie from Aurora CO called to invite Nicki to stay at her home until the baby comes!