Broad and Bent is the Way

* Jim from Online: "Billy Graham was doing well on Larry King Live until asked about abortion. Billy said, "I am against all forms of abortion, except in the case of rape and incest.' I thought I had heard wrong. I sent him an e-mail with the following scripture."
  The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall
  the children be put to death for the fathers... -Deut. 24:16
I'm writing you to encourage you, Bob, to keep up the good work. This election confirms your view of Democracies and Republics. -Jim"
Bob added that the reason most South Dakota voters kept abortion legal in their state was that they were following the lead of Billy Graham and George W. Bush, standing for the supposed right to kill a child whose father is a rapist.
* Broad and Bent is the Way: Pastor Broadbent, of Colorado Springs, wrote that Ted Haggard does not need to be forgiven for being a homosexual, because being a homosexual is not a sin. But not only is homosexuality destructive, he also sinned by cheating on his wife,
and exposing her to the risk of contracting an STD. But Pastor Broad-is-the-Way couldn't find the ink in his pen to make that point either.
* Tony from Tampa Florida: Pro-choice Tony fails to come up with an explanation for any basis of his beliefs about right and wrong.
Today's Resources: Bob discusses homosexuality with Terry from Knoxville Tennessee. Watch as Terry's anger turns to humility and repentance and salvation, in this classic BEL video, Terry's Call!