Bob Asks Bob Cornuke If He Found Noah's Ark

* Noah's Ark: As ABC News reported recently, a Christian expedition led by BASE Institute's Bob Cornuke claims it may have discovered what looks like the possible remains of Noah's Ark. Photos show apparent beams of petrified wood 13,120 feet above sea level. Bob Cornuke has experts evaluating the find. We hope to conduct a follow-up interview with satellite imagery expert, Dr. Ed Holroyd, who found this site in the Elburz mountain range of northern Iran.

* 2013 Update -- Don Patton Debunks 2010 Chinese Ark Find Claim: See this at

* Feminist Lie: Bob agreed with the concern Quinn from Indiana has for a friend of his who might be buying into the feminist lie that a woman will only be happy if she has a diploma or a career.

* Barbie-Doll Influence: Bob gave suggestions to Lindsay from Indiana whose parents are a negative influence on her young kids.