Joe Scheidler: His Win Today at the U.S. Supreme Court

  • Bob talks with Joe Scheidler about his win today at the U.S. Supreme Court!
  • New Jersey elementary public school allows teacher back after sex change operation turns Mr. McBeth into Lady Macbeth.
  • Half of Europe is now FAT, thus Europeans were not thin and avoiding fast food because they were more noble than Americans, but because they were POOR. Now along with some in the Far East, they're beginning to deal with problems that come with greater prosperity.
  • Girl Scouts of America are pro-abortion and pro-lesbian, so young girls should instead join American Heritage Girls!
  • Des Moines woman fakes her death, and could get years in jail, which would cost us far more than a simple flogging.
  • Dr. Henry Morris died Saturday, and Bob says goodbye to this great man, the father of the modern creation science movement and founder of the Institute for Creation Research.
  • Iowa Callers: Jacob (S Dakota bill against all abortion); off-air caller (Bob rebuts his pro-eunuch comment)