Caller Debate: Is God Free to Alter the Pre-scripted Future

  • Public School Ban: (We wish!) More public schools ban patriotic clothing. 1st: Pull your kids out! 2nd: Don't side with the ACLU on this in their attempt to use this issue to further undermine adult authority over children.
  • ACLU: Anti Christ Legions of the Underworld
  • Libertarian Party: Immoral pseudo-conservatives support legal abortion, crack cocaine and heroin, prostitution, homosexuality, homosexual adoption, bestiality, euthanasia, suicide, etc., etc., and would criminalize the heroic paramedic who breaks into a home to save a young woman committing suicide, and would permit an employer to fire or not hire a saleswoman who will not accept their customers' sexual advances.
  • Sex for Rent Ads: Our Christian leaders will expect all judges to uphold this also if our process "requires" such of them. And websites say they can't possibly find such ads to remove them (but the AP could).
  • David from Greeley, CO talks to Bob about juveniles and the death penalty, and Bob calls for abolishing a minimum age for execution to reverse the liberal's lowering of the threshold for kids to become murderers.
  • Caller of the Week: Yes, it's only Wednesday, but this call from David from Boone, IA is destined to be our caller of the week! (We love debates here at BEL!) David is extremely hesitant to answer questions regarding whether or not God is free and able to change anything that will ever happen in the future, and the reason is that David, like millions of other Christians, believes that God is just as unable as man to alter the pre-scripted eternal future. Why would anyone believe this? Because they've been taught that God is utterly unchangeable, and now, with this second call, David is beginning to more readily admit that God the Son "became flesh," and that God the father is NOT continually pouring our wrath on His Son as He did during the crucifixion. Of course, these great truths shows that yes, God does change, and of course, yes, just as God has changed Himself and other things in the past, He is still free and able to change in the future, and thus, the future is not settled, but open!