Bible: Adultery with a Man's Wife is a Capital Crime

Immoral Pro-Life Laws Also Will Keep Abortion Legal

  • Pennsylvania granny who confessed to bank robbery at gunpoint should have been brought to a judge and tried within the hour.
  • Russia passes a law to shoot down hijacked passenger planes being used as weapons by terrorists.
  • Governor signs South Dakota's anti-abortion law!
  • "Then-you-can-kill-the-baby" waiting period and parental involvement laws are (1) immoral; (2) ineffective; and (3) will keep abortion legal after Roe v. Wade is overturned.
  • Callers: Valerie's husband Larry Kilgore (.com) is running for Texas Governor.
    Dennis correctly clarified Valerie's position and Bob Enyart concurs, that biblically, adultery with another man's wife is a capital crime. However, pre-marital sex is NOT a capital crime.
    Darrell: Who has saved more babies: (A) all the politicians and judges of the last 20 years, or (B) Jo Scott? (See also
Bob & Cheryl Enyart, Larry & Valerie Kilgore, and our mutual friends Chuck & Janice in Texas...
Larry & Valerie, Bob & Cheryl, Chuck & Janice in TX