The Five Screams

  • Counter Protester Scream: you can watch the 13-second clip, Veins Popping Out [requires QuickTime Player 7.1 or higher], of an anarchist counter protester shouting Hail Sodomy in the face of a praying pro-lifer, while another liberal waves a sign that says Sodomy Prevents Abortion, filmed in Jackson MS during the Operation Save America evangelistic event. In case you can't make it out, she says, "Hail Sodomy, or death camps to you all."

  • Atheist Scream at TOL: now that creationists falsified the results of radiometric dating of the lava dome at Mount St. Helens which dated 10-year-old rock as somewhere between 340,000 and 2.8 million years old, Geochron Labs of Cambridge, Mass., has stopped using potassium-argon, and TheologyOnline atheists yell foul because our scientists submitted a sample rock that could actually validate or falsify the claimed million-year-old results. UPDATE:

* Bob's Reply to an Old Earther: You may want to read Bob's short reply below a Mount St. Helens YouTube video to Einschwein, an old-earther who commented saying that he doesn't quite get the point. And, we invite you to comment there also!

  • SaturnSaturn's Rings Scream: It's a young earth after all (and Saturn :)! While this photo of Saturn (right) looks too perfect, almost like a computer-generated image, it is actually one of NASA's Cassini spacecraft photos. Now, atheists fret that Saturn's rings are missing a hundred million (or a billion) years of dust, for the rings are 99 percent pure ice, suggesting that they have not been exposed to our solar system for all those eons!

  • Hezbollah Scream: Israel's fighting too fiercely, we didn't expect this!
  • The Silent Scream: The baby's scream in the womb as his legs are being ripped off of him in an abortion performed by Planned Parenthood.