Another Son-of-Ham Sham

* World's Tallest Tree: just a piker compared to The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, with branches larger than today's biggest and tallest trees!

* Today's Kids Are More Promiscuous: because of our trashy media and epidemic divorce and other parental transitions, according to Dr. James Dobson!

* Robbie from Little Rock: warns parents that the grisly pharmaceutical industry uses aborted fetus tissue in the development of vaccines.

* Son of Ham: Syria blamed al-Qaeda supported Jund al-SHAM for this week's attack on America's Damascus embassy. Russia killed Islamic terrorist sHAMil Basayev in retaliation for the more than 330 children and adults murdered at the Beslan school. Many terrorists and terror groups have HAM, in their names, H-A-M. NYC’s Holland Tunnel terrorist Assem HAMmoud; HAMbali, southeast Asia's Osama; HAMas; 9-11’s MoHAMmed Atta; Al Qaeda's Kahlid Sheikh MoHAMmad; terrorist sympathizer/sniper John Alvin MoHAMmad; MuHAMmad Abu Abbas; and many others; and now, dead schoolhouse terrorist SHAMil Basayev. MoHAMmed al-Ghandra British ringleader of the Airline Bomb Plot and AdHAM Othman with his 1,000 cell phones in Michigan.] Europeans descend from Noah's son Japeth; Jews and others (Semites) from Shem; and Orientals and others from Ham (Hamitic). Ham fathered Canaan (the Canaanites) by incest with his mother (Noah's wife), and various Canaanites and Semites intermarried, and through biblical times warred against the Israelites. Thus, the short history of the world continues with the ethnic and cultural descendants of various Canaanite tribes confirming their Hamitic origins. 2016 Update: Of course there's a thousand others including the Bastille Day Muslim terrorist MoHAMed Bouhlel. 

* Now that Operation Rescue in Wichita bought an abortion mill and evicted the abortionist, Keith Mason tells of the cockroaches in residence, and that bacterial tests show that the clinic counters filthier than the parking lot! Also, a dozen abortion clinics have closed in the last year!