Meet Bob's Brother, Brian Enyart

  • Guest: Brian Enyart reminisces with Bob about old times!
  • Question: What do all these terrorists have in common?

Mohammed Shatawi: top Al Aqsa terrorist killed today. Also: Khalid Shake Mohammed: bad hair day terrorist in Pakistan Mohammed Atta: 9-11 terrorist John Allen Muhammad: terrorist sympathizer/sniper Ali Mohammed: Osama’s security chief, terrorist trainer Abu Muhammad Abbas: Palestine Liberation Front led by Abu Abbas Hesham Mohamed Hedayet: terrorist sympathizer/LAX El Al shooter Jaish-e-Mohammed: Pakistani Army of Mohammed Professor Hafiz Mohammed Saeed: leads Pakistani Army of the Righteous Mohammed Bouyeri: murdered Dutch movie director Noordin Mohamed: terrorist slaughtered 23 people in Bali bombing Mohammad Sidique Khan: London train bomber Caller: Lolita, "They're all named Mohammed!"

BEL Trivia Question: In which recent show does Bob describe Abu Ghraib as The Howard Stern Front in the War on Terror? Please email the answer to Thanks!