Dick Cheney to Lesbian Mary: I just want you to be happy!

  • Michelle in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby suggests Bob bet on Sinister Minister; regrets that Moussaoui's punishment is to drink coffee and play checkers; and warns Iowa about the "shock and awe" coming their way!

  • Mary's father V.P. Dick Cheney does not know enough to warn his daughter that her lesbian lifestyle is destructive. Instead, he encourages her saying, "I just want you to be happy." Cheney and George W. Bush both affirm homosexuality and the president is proud of the lesbian officials and the pro-homosexual judges he has appointed, especially since his father George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle were the first to openly invite homosexuals to the White House.

  • Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough reports on last evening's Never Forgotten Fund annual dinner and why (it should be obvious) his children will never attend a government school (just as yours shouldn't either: because they are godless).

  • The sadly confused Earl Woods passed away without seeing his prophecy fulfilled that his son Tiger would become the next Messiah.

  • Let's take the report of Exxon Chairman Lee Raymond getting a $400 million retirement package to remind ourselves that Christians should never be envious, including of the wealthy.

  • On the National Day of Prayer, Jamie Johnson, general manager of BEL Iowa affiliate KFFF, encourages Christians to pray wisely for our nation!

  • David from Ames IA hears that God is good because He chooses to be good, not because He has no choice; and that Lucifer tempted Jesus in hopes of actually bringing the rebellion into the Godhead; and that Jesus in Gethsemane had the ability to choose the cross or not, and because of His love for us and commitment to save us, willingly choose the cross; and that God enabled believers to hasten the second coming and that He can shorten those days; and that God is free, even now, and able, to be creative, even though this goes against what David has been taught! Also, David hears that because there has been a change in the priesthood, of necessity there has been a change in the law, and thus, today's governments should not enforce God's symbolic covenantal laws with Israel, but only the criminal code embedded within the Mosaic Law!