America is Less Safe Without the Dubai Port Deal

  • Catholic Charities rightly stop arranging adoptions in Boston since Massachusetts would force them to place babies in "gay" homes, and as I've long warned, homosexuals should not adopt!

  • In a related story, we've long pointed out that Michael Jackson is a homosexual child molester , and today his Neverland Ranch was shut down by the government for nearly a half million dollars in unpaid fines and employee wages.

  • The Dubai Ports World deal would have made America more secure, with an Arab country making a SIX BILLION dollar investment in the security of our ports.

  • Callers Scott: confesses to violating our copyright and bootlegging a copy of The Plot for a prisoner doing life w/o parole, and negotiates with Bob for an appropriate restitution; Fool: liberal member of, thinks he found a contradiction in Bob Enyart's proposed Constitution of America. Quinn: Asked about sales tax and dietary law (yes, in one call!). On Mark 7, didn't the Lord teach His followers to obey the Mosaic Law? Yes. And on taxes, can we prove that a national sales tax is immoral, and an income tax is preferable? Yes.