The Devil Made Me Do It (or was it The Decree?)

Mission Impossible 3 has opened down at the box office by more than $10 million dollars from expectations due to placenta-eating, formerly alien-infested Scientologist Tom Cruise.

Israel: Iran can ALSO be wiped off the map!

Carl Rove hopes to re-invigorate Bush's conservative base, which should be un-invigorated because of the Bush record promoting homosexuals; nominating harshly anti-Christian, anti-creation, pro-abortion judges; creating a new multi-billion dollar drug entitlement program; opposing South Dakota's anti-abortion law; almost equaling his wife Laura in telling dirty jokes; etc.

Dr. Ed Holroyd gave testimony to hundreds of boy scouts at Colorado's Dinosaur Ridge showing that the layers formed rapidly.

Thanks to all who made a great success of Saturday's banquet for! Gianna Jessen spoke, and then today sang the national anthem in the Colorado House of Representatives (having survived being aborted, her appearance there caused a bit of a stir)!

Fox News Channel (left-wing) owner Rupert Murdoch agrees to host a Hillary Clinton fund raiser.

Kyle Marin, 19-year-old murderer of two teen girls, previously should have been executed for attempted murder; thus their blood is not only on his hands, but God will also hold accountable Iowa legislators, lawyers, and judges.

Immature Christians who attribute everything evil that happens to the devil are less destructive than those who attribute all evil to God, but both sides preach an unbiblical victim-mentality religion!