Maria is Going as a Missionary to a Muslim Country!

Bob Enyart talks with a courageous young Christian woman, Maria, going as a missionary to a Muslim country about the risk; the gospel; Islamic mistreatment of women; and the Arab concept of honor and shame which they elevate above right and wrong. Support her here and indicate "Islamic Missions."

Maranatha Christian Center thanks Santa Fe Christian school for publicly rebuking one of their own former students, actress Michelle Williams for appearing in immoral entertainment like "Brokeback Mountain," and "Dawson's Creek."
Another pro-homosexual columnist, this one from Texas at LufkinDailyNews, praises Dr. Dobson for finally supporting "gay rights" in the form of Colorado's Reciprocal Benefits Bill, showing that the situational ethics embraced by Focus on the Family undermines moral clarity.

Foreign Policy Magazine recognizes that liberals are not marrying, not having kids, and killing their children (through abortion), and thus, "conservatives will inherit the Earth."

"Pet-loving Europe" is in alarm that bird flu killed a cat in Germany, and since Europeans have given up on marriage and kids, now they walk pets and build parks more for animals than for children.

Caller: Wayne from webmaster on the growth of international listeners to BEL, including from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, China, etc., with total BEL show downloads of about 500 Gigabytes (500,000,000,000 bytes of BEL show info) per year! 2012 Update: Speaking of large quantities of data, 70 BILLION copies of a book about DNA have been produced... in DNA!