Terri Schiavo's Brother Bobby Schindler Agrees

This program is considered a special edition of Real Science Radio because of it's segment on the transient nature of Saturn's rings.

  • Bobby Schindler had not especially noticed that during the fight to save his sister's life, Nat'l RTL and other "pro-life" leaders were supporting first-ever legislation to recognize in federal law a right to starve someone to death as long as they have a written directive. Bobby was thankful though to get the information, and promised to be alert to that development and to oppose it with Terri's Foundation.
  • Charter schools are godless schools too. And the administrators of one in Albany behaved like typical public school administrators overlooking a teacher's unseemly behavior.
  • Saturn's rings, not 50-100 million years old on a 4.5 billion year old planet, but less than 10,000 years old, have changed significantly since man's first mappings.
  • Their city's health department reports San Francisco is the most homosexual major city in the world, as their heterosexual population decreases. One in five males above age 15 are homosexual, and 26% of them are infected with HIV. The tacit admission here, too late for countless dead homosexuals, is that they monitor the homosexual population because it tracks the AIDs rates. Fifteen years ago, Bob Enyart was dismissed as hate-filled, largely because of his desperate effort, often successful, to get young people to realize that AIDS WAS a homosexual disease. (Hear also Bob's debate with homosexual Wayne Besen.) 
  • Barry Bonds deserves the boos he received at the season opener for his illegal drug use. Being six homeruns short of Babe Ruth's 714, he's undermining the fans' ability to trust the great accomplishments of others.

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